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PvP Gear Concept Art

PvP or Player versus Player, allows Players to battle each other. Currently there are 2 PvP modes, The Wolves' Den and Frontlines. The Wolves' Den is a 4 vs 4 battle arena while Frontlines is a large battle field consist of 3 opposing teams. In PvP, players have special Actions and Traits and can obtain unique gear.


The Wolves' Den

The Wolves' Den is the PvP Arena that supports 4 vs 4 player combat. Arena PvP is divided into 3 divisions: Level 30, Level 40 and Level 50. The Wolves' Den is located in off the shores of Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Noscea. It was released in patch 2.1.


Frontline is a large battleground featuring 3 opposing forces of the Grand Companies. Up to 72 players, 24 players on each team, will be able to battle for supremacy. It is located in Carteneau Flats near Mor Dhona. Frontlines is scheduled to be released in patch 2.3.

PvP Actions

PvP Traits

PvP Gear

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